Thursday, June 21, 2012

Facebook will let you edit comments soon

Facebook invites you to comment on your friends' pictures, status updates and activity but how many times have you commented on someone's picture, intending to say "nice shot", but instead you've typed, "nice sh*t"? Or just in general made mistakes while typing so your generally good intentions can be completely misconstrued? Previously all you could do is delete the comment and type a new comment, or type up a subsequent comment explaining and apologizing for your mistake. Which can be a little time consuming and/or untidy. Facebook has now started letting users edit comments so you don't have to delete your mistaken words or explain them. Next to your comment, Facebook will place a small little pencil, the same as the one that shows up when you want to edit something on your Timeline, which will let you edit your comment or delete it entirely.

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According to Mashable, Facebook says that they will leave a comment history up as well for subsequent commentors to have the full context of the entire conversation. That way, if you comment on one that's edited and your comment wouldn't necessarily make sense anymore, other people will be able to see exactly what you commented to so they understand the full context of your comment. The company started rolling out this feature to all its users yesterday and if you don't see it on your account yet, have no fear, you will see it soon.

Another way that Facebook is about to change soon is to stop its Credits system and start allowing users the option to pay for subscriptions and in-app power ups in their own currencies. So if you live in the United Kingdom, Facebook will charge you for purchases in Pounds Sterling, if you live in India, you will be charged in Rupees. Application developers will have to phase out the Credits system from their apps by the end of this year. If you are a user that has bought Credits, your balance will be made available for you to use to make in-app purchases in your own currency. Facebook is also going to start allowing developers to create subscription based models for their applications. A developer will soon be able to charge users a recurring sum for content that might be premium and exclusive. They will have to split 30% of the revenue generated from subscriptions with Facebook. What do you think? Is Facebook going in the right direction? Will you like being able to edit your comments and subscribe to apps via Facebook? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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