Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Facebook Adding “Want” button?

Facebook has entirely revolutionized the word LIKE,the next word possibly would be “want”.Noted developer  Tom Waddington located some code within the Facebook Javascript SDK that pointed to the development of a “want” button. So what is the use of this want button??

For Companies

Waddington speculates that Facebook could build a universal wishlist that could be queried by other apps through the Graph API.This new  option would  be helpful for Facebook’s ad partners. You add a product to your Facebook wishlist in your profile and the company that produces it or e-commerce websites could serve up discounts- or just keep tabs on interest or show the link to your friend on your birthday so that he can gift you that product.

For users

It ill be a added advantage for users as they need not go nuts selecting the gifts for birthday or another special occasion.This facility is like wishlist/wantlist available in leading e-commerce websites like eBay,you want or wish to buy something you can add it to the list,later whenever you have money you can review the list and get one.This will be really great feature when its implemented because other social networking sites like twitter or G+ doesn’t have this important feature like this.

When asked about the feature, a Facebook spokeswoman said “we’re always testing new Platform features, however we have nothing new to announce.”
Lets see when facebook reveals this button,
If you want to add a button what button will you add?? my choice would be hate button,leave your choice below

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